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Remarkably down to earth and easy to work with, Richard transformed my condo from “great view” to what a stunning interior.”

With direction limited to something nice and elegant and modern, with a minimum of fuss Richard was able to deliver the living

room I have always imagined. - Katherine M.



Martin Richards helped us solve the problem of how to allocate our space for a remodel, made our home look warm and inviting,

and all within the time frame we projected. I believe this is a miracle in the world of construction and decorating. - Mary Ann D.



I always appreciate the breadth of knowledge of available resources, the experience, and the enthusiasmof Martin Richards. thinking

outside the box is such a cliche these days, but that is something I’ve appreciated: re-purposing items of value, taking a fresh look

at the space and coming up with lots of creative ideas, and ways to shake things up a bit! All good!  - Kay R.



Richard, you are a delight to work with- great taste and a great sense of color, highly focused and efficient (no wasting time),

very resourceful and good at translating ideas into tangible furnishings, and importantly for some(like myself), respectful of

client’s tastes and interests and able to incorporate them where and when appropriate into the overall project design. - Susan C.



It has been a pleasure working with you on the three projects we have undertaken in recent years at our homes in Glen Ellen

and San Francisco. Your good taste and practic al advice have always been much appreciated. Your ability to get things done 

on time and on budget have been invaluable. I look forward to future projects and would highly recommend you! - Linda B. 



What stood out for me is (Martin Richards) willingness to take on a first time client with a limited budget. You listened and

could attain a lasting WOW factor! without sacrificing my vision. You see creative possibilities that a client cannot envision-

even a clientwho spent countless hours scouring options. You are meticulous and classy….and yes, you can put lipstick on a pig

and make it look fabulous!  -  Elizabeth L.



We gave Martin and Richard a seemingly impossible task - recreate in our tiny bathroom a very elegant Victorian bathroom

from a design magazine, even though the room represented was much larger than ours. We couldn't be happier with the result -

Richard found a small claw-foot tub that fit our space and he picked fabulous hardware. He built an elegant marble sink, helped

us choose a gorgeous color for the walls, and the proportions worked perfectly. Our bathroom did indeed feel and look like what

we'd showed him, adjusted for the space we actually had, with touches that made it uniquely ours. It was great working with

Richard on planning and executing the project. We recommend Martin and Richard to all our friends, who are in need of creative,

tasteful interior design and great people to work with.  - Dave S.

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